Thanks for Patience with Unavoidable Delays

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: __(Name/Type of Project/Development/etc.)__

On behalf of __(Name of Organization)__, I want to thank each and every one of you for your patience and understanding regarding the delays we have incurred as a result of the __(recent bad weather/type of strike/etc.)__. __(All the rain we’ve received/Operating with a skeleton staff/etc.)__ over the last few weeks has led to substantial problems that we’ve been trying to overcome. __(Some/One)__ of the issues that we’ve had to contend with include(s) __(briefly describe the problem(s) – example: wash outs/mud slides/type of product/construction delays/etc.)__.

It is apparent that these delays have caused inconveniences on various levels for some __(homeowners/customers/etc.)__. We empathize with each of your situations and, again, extend our gratitude to you for understanding the unavoidable situation we have at hand. Rest assured, __(construction/production/site development/etc.)__ __(is now/will soon be)__ back in full swing and we will do whatever we can to help expedite progress.