The day my heart was touched

Love Letter

My dearest...

Something happened to me the day you touched my heart. It opened a passage to my soul...I have never known emotions so powerful. Since that day, my need, my passion and my desire to be with you grows stronger and stronger with every minute of every day.

Do you know how happy you make me feel? Do you know how much love I feel for you? I feel so lucky to have found someone so special, so loving, so caring, so honest, so unbelievably charming, warm and compassionate. You are the love of my life.

Thoughts of you are what I wake up to every morning and my last thought every night before I sleep. You are the reason I feel so alive. Every moment I share with you is so precious and important to me. Every thought I have of you makes my heart sing.

If I could, I’d give you the world. For now, I offer you my heart. It is yours to keep. I will spend my whole life loving you.

Forever and always,