Your talk of past relationships - I question your

Love Letter

Dear …

Every since you walked out of my dreams and into my life, I find that I cannot detach my thoughts away from you. You are on my mind continually from morning ‘till night. I want you to know that you have become more precious to me than any worldly treasures could ever be. My love for you has become greater than words can describe.

We have such wonderful talks together and I feel myself melting right into you when we talk of our future together. Dreaming together of the wonderful life we have ahead of us. It’s at these times I feel such incredible love and warmth for you, __(Name)__. And then just when I think that our moment together couldn’t be more blissful, it seems to be whipped away from me as the conversation, once again, takes a turn to your past.

As hard as this is for me to talk about with you, I feel that the time has come where I must. You have to know that it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to live with the ghosts of your past. I find that it leaves me questioning your love for me, wondering if it is real. Wondering if you really are able to move on with your life, __(Name)__, able to know and feel true love again. Whenever you talk about your past relationships, I don’t even know how to respond to you, for it leaves me questioning if you are able to leave the past behind and move into a future that holds such promise of true love for you and I.

More than anything, I want to spend forever with you. I don’t know what our tomorrows will bring, __(Name)__, all I know is that I have fallen deeply in love with you and I just have to know if your feelings for me are remnants of your past life or if they truly are how you feel about me today, here and now and in the future. It is the true hope of my heart that you and I can build together a future filled with love and happiness.

All my love,