I thank God every day

Love Letter

My dearest ...

I thank God every day for blessing me with you. When I look into your eyes, I see the true beauty of an Angel. You are a rare and splendid jewel that has been sent from above, to light up my world. I will cherish you forever.

To describe in mere words, how I feel about you, would be to describe as only a pond, what is truly a magnificent ocean. When we come together, I feel that we are complete, our souls meld as one and our hearts beat as one. When you hold me in your arms, the world around me fades and I feel elevated above all else.

God must have meant for me to experience heaven before I actually go. And you must be the Angel to guide me through. Every moment I have been in this enchanting world with you, has been like a miracle. With your every touch, your every word and your every look, you have brought incredible beauty to my life. I love you beyond compare, my beautiful Angel.

Loving you forever,