Request Release from Project - Lack of Promotion

Career Letter

Dear …

For __(length of time)__ now I have been performing the duties of __(name of position)__ on the __(name of project)__ project. I’ve worked very hard in this position and have gone over and above my call of duty many times throughout the duration. In my mind’s eye, I have more than proven my abilities, my loyalty and dependability on this project. Yet, I still have not been considered for promotion.

Instead, I’ve specifically been told that you use your own criteria in the promotion process, which is why I have been overlooked in that regard. Yet, this special criterion you use has never been revealed to me, thereby prohibiting me from overcoming those obstacles which, otherwise, keep me from promotion. For obvious reasons, this has become exceedingly frustrating for me.

The way I see it, my good work ethic and good attitude, along with my excellent job performance and proven skills, should warrant consideration for promotion, as is the case with other projects in this organization. Clearly, your own unique employee-assessment criterion has placed me in a no-win situation and it has become abundantly evident to me that I am at a disadvantage on this project when it comes to career advancement. Therefore, I request to be released from the __(name of project)__ project as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and for honoring my request for release from the project.

Respectfully yours,