Announce Medical Leave of Absence

Career Letter

Dear …

Please allow me to inform __(you/all of you/everyone/etc.)__ that I will soon be taking __(a #-(week/month) / an extended)__ Leave of Absence from __(name of organization)__ for medical reasons. __(date)__, is the scheduled date of my Medical Leave and I am expected to be returning around __(date)__, provided my recovery period has gone well.

It is unfortunate that I have found myself with a __(type)__ condition that can only be corrected with surgery. Therefore, I have been scheduled to undergo __(type)__ surgery on __(date)__. My doctor has informed that the recovery time for this type of surgery __(can take up to # (weeks/months) / is quite extensive)__. __(He/She)__ has also informed me that there is no reason to expect any complications with the surgery and that I can anticipate my recovery to go smoothly.

It is with confidence that I take this medical leave, knowing that the caliber of people I work with at __(name of organization)__ will __(pull together to competently take over my tasks/ look after my customers very well/etc.)__. I thank__(you/ you all/etc.)__ in advance for your understanding and support during this time. I am relieved to know that everything will be left in good hands.

By __(date)__, I’m sure that I will be more than ready to return back to work. My best wishes to __(you/all of you)__ and I look forward to seeing you soon.