Announcing Visit to a Branch Office

Business Letter

Dear …

I am sending this letter to announce to you that I will soon be visiting your office in __(name of location)__. In fact, my flight is scheduled to arrive in__(name of location)__ at __(time)__ on __(Date)__. This is a trip that I eagerly await as I look forward to meeting with you and your staff.

But, before I go any further, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is __(Name)__, the new __(Position Title)__ for __(Name of Organization)__. I joined this company __(length of time )__ ago and am based out of the __(name of location)__ office. My global responsibilities in this position include __(briefly list your key responsibilities)__.

One of my first objectives is to visit each of our offices so that I can __(briefly explain why you are visiting the other offices)__. In that regard, during my visit to __(name of region: Example - Europe), I hope that I can count on you to help me organize and arrange meetings with all those whom I wish to see there. My intent is to extend my stay long enough to be able to meet with all these people before I head back to __(Location)__. Your help with this, __(Name)__, will be greatly appreciated.

I believe that meeting everyone face-to-face goes a long way in strengthening our working relationships and the pride we hold in our company. With great enthusiasm, I am look forward to this visit.