Suspending Sales Activities Report

Dear …

RE: Commission Reports

It is apparent that regardless of how many written and verbal requests that have been made of you to complete and submit your outstanding commission reports, you continually choose to ignore these requests. Allowing your commission reports to now become overdue for __(length of time)__ is __(reprehensible/unacceptable/etc.)__. Therefore, consider this as official notification to you that your defiance of this issue will no longer be tolerated.

Effective __(date)__, your sales position at __(Name of Organization)__ __(is/will be)__ suspended until such time as all your outstanding commission reports have been completed and submitted to __(me/Name of Person/etc.)__. You are required to arrive at the office no later than __(time)__ on __(date)__ to commence working on the task of compiling these reports, and only this task, until full completion. All sales-related activity, including phone calls, will be suspended until the said task is completed in its entirety.

It is regrettable that __(we/I)__ have had to take this position with you, __(Name)__, but you’ve left __(us/me)__ with no other alternative with which to impress upon you the importance of submitting your commission reports. And moving forward, let __(me/us)__ remind you that your __(monthly/weekly/etc.)__ commission reports are due on or before the __(example: last day of the preceding month)__. In the future, your failure to comply with this will result in __(disciplinary action/your immediate dismissal/termination/etc)__.

Yours truly,


__(Your name)__

X__________________________ Date:___________________

__(Employee’s Name)__ - Signature

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