Is your Guy right for you ? Answer following questions and find out..

Did you know him before having an affair?
He was a stranger and you have no firsthand knowledge of his past.
Is the guy more good looking than you.
Does he spend time with you each day.
Does he call you often.
Does he talk to you about marriage.
Is he good in his studies or was he good when he studied.
Does he abuse people or his friends or his elders.
Close your eyes and ask your heart , is he serious for you.
Did anyone tell you about his affair with a girl.
Does he allow you to touch his cell phone.
Have you ever noticed that any other girl also calls him.
Did you see any text message of other girl on his cell phone.
If found with other girl did he say " we are just friends".
Did he ever introduce you with any of his family member.
He consumes alcohol.
He takes drugs.
He gives you gifts.
He remembers your birthdays.
When he is with you is he always trying to get physical with you.
After getting physical - did he started to ignore you.
He gives you expensive gifts but doesn't care for you or your feelings.
When you are together you feel he doesn't bothers for what you think.
When with you does he also checks other girls.
He shows lot of interest in your friends and is inquisitive about them.