Products on Sale

Dear ...

This letter is worth $____ to you, so don’t throw it away!

During the next 5 days, and we’ll reduce the price of any new _____________ by ____$ or %____ if you bring this letter with you! And that’s in addition to our already rock-bottom sale prices! So, if you’ve been thinking about replacing that old __________ with a new affordable one, come see us today!

Imagine, owning a brand new ____________ at a price you can afford! You can make that happen by stopping by _____company name_______, at ____address_______. We have a huge selection, so you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for!

Don’t miss out on this special sale. All prices have been slashed, and if you bring this letter with you before ___date_____, you’ll save even ___$ or %____ more!

Don’t delay...come by today! __________address____________


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