Introduction to Potential Distributors

Dear …

Do you have the kind of competitively priced __(type of products)__ products backed by the solid expertise support that you expect?

Please allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is, __(name)__ , and I am __(a/the) __(type of position)__ with __(name of company)__. Our organization has been serving the __(type of industry)__ industry for __(#)__ years, offering a full range of __(type of products)__. Not only do we offer superior __(type of products)__, but we also offer the kind of solid expertise and support that you should expect from a __(type of industry)__ provider.

We are very pleased to enclose for you, our brochure outlining the various packages we offer. The extensive experience, knowledge and care that has gone into designing each one of our __(products/packages)__ speaks for itself, with each one upholding its own successful track record in sales. We also offer the kinds of sales tools to our __(brokers/agents/sales team/sales force/ distributors/representatives/associates/etc.)__ that presents a professional image, thereby giving your customers confidence in your company and ours.

Our goal is to consistently provide you with the best in products and service. We would be happy to assist you in taking any one of our products to your marketplace and I would personally make myself available to you to help you in any way with your marketing campaign…because when you succeed, we succeed.

In the next few days, I will make contact with you by telephone to discuss this opportunity in more detail. Thank you for your time and I look forward to developing a mutually rewarding relationship with you.



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