Free Gift to Introduce New Product


If __(benefit 1)__, __(benefit 2)__ and __(benefit 3)__ are things that are of interest to you, then please read on.

We are contacting a few selected business owners, like yourself, to present a limited time offer to promote our revolutionary new __(service/product)__ that will help your business to __(describe what it will do… i.e. increase sales, customers, profits). This unique __(name of product/service) __ has been carefully designed to give you the potential of __(describe how it will change their business in a positive way long term)__.

We have already received some very positive feedback from our customers who have given it a try. Some of their comments are:

__(testimonial 1)__

__(testimonial 2) __

We invite you to contact us at __(phone#/email address) __ for more information. Just for requesting more information, we will send you a __(describe gift) __ valued at __($____) __ absolutely free! Even if you decide you are not interested in this revolutionary way of __(describe how it helps their business)__, this __(name of free gift)__ is yours to keep.

To learn more about this innovative __(name of product/service)__ and to claim your free, no obligation __(free gift)__, contact us before __(date)__. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have!


(your name, title)

P.S. The free gift is our way of saying “thank you” for your interest.

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Free Gift to Introduce New Product


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