Invitation to Fundraising Event


RE: __(Name of Event)__ - __(Date)__

It is __(my/our)__ pleasure to invite you to our upcoming __(Name of Event)__ on __(date)__. Each year __(Name of Organization)__ puts on a __(type of event)__ to __(briefly describe why you put on this event – i.e. raise funds for …..)__. This year, we are going with the theme of __(type of theme)__.

Be sure to mark your calendar for:

- Date:

- Time:

- Location:

- Tickets: __($amount)__ each

(To order tickets call: __(contact information)__

Some of the featured activities throughout the __(day/evening)__ will include __(briefly list/describe some of the interesting activities)__. The __(day/evening)__ begins with __(type of activity)__ and will end with __(type of activity)__. All proceeds raised from __(the silent auction/this event/etc.)__ will be used to __(briefly describe where the funds will be spent)__. This is __(a evening/an event/etc.)__ you don’t want to miss.

We look forward to seeing you come out to enjoy this great __(day/evening)__ of __(briefly describe event – i.e. food and entertainment)__. If, however, for some reason you are unable to attend this event, we ask that you kindly consider a one-time donation of __($amount)__ to go towards our __(type of project)__. Thank you.

Hope to see you there!


P.S. One-time donations can be made as follows:

Payable to: __(Name of Organization)__

Address: __(address)__

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