Ask Person to Organize Fundraiser

Dear …

The decision has now been made that __(name of organization)__ will be holding a __(type of event)__ on __(date)__ and we are all very enthused about this. It is exciting to be part of such an extraordinary event, knowing that it will bring __(briefly describe what the event will do for the community—i.e. awareness about …)__ to the community. This event requires a tremendous amount of hard work to put together and we are keenly aware that the kind of people we will need on this __(team/committee/etc.)__ will be those that can offer special skills and effort.

The __(name of committee/board)__ has been looking for an individual to take on the role of __(name of position)__, assuming the responsibilities of __(briefly list responsibilities)__. After much thought and discussion, we all agreed that you, __(name)__, have all those qualities we are looking for. We know that you can offer the solid leadership that this project needs and therefore, we are asking you to take on the position of __(name of position)__ for this year’s __(name of event)__ event.

The remuneration package will include __(describe remuneration)__. We hope that you will seriously consider joining the __(name of event)__ team and ask that you let us know by __(date)__ if you are willing to take on the position of __(name of position)__.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me directly at __(phone #)__. I look forward to hearing from you soon and remain hopeful of your decision.


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Ask Person to Organize Fundraiser

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