Importance of Your Professional Advice

Dear ...

I am taking this opportunity to offer you a written explanation of the importance of __(type of function)__. It seems as though my past verbal communication with you has failed to adequately convey the importance of __(type of function)__ and I am hoping that this letter will help to clarify it for you.

First, let me say that I completely understand how people get busy with their __(lives/businesses/etc.)__ and that the importance of __(type of function)__ can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. That’s when an attitude of just __(briefly describe the wrong action of the client/patient)__ can set in and actually become the comfort level. Unfortunately, however, that lax attitude can and does negatively affect the__(health/bottom line/etc.)__ of these __(people/businesses/etc.)__.

To better illustrate this, let me use your own line of work as an example. As a __(type of)__ professional, you know that if your __(patients/clients/etc.)__ fail to __(briefly describe an important function to them - i.e. take all their prescribed medication)__, the consequences to their __(health/business/etc.)__ could be severe; even __(life-altering/detrimental to the future success of their business/etc.)__. And, you understand how important it is that you correctly convey this message to them. I have no doubt that you enter into these types of conversations with your __(customers/patients/etc.)__ on a regular basis and you likely expect them to follow your advice because they came to you in the first place seeking your professional expertise.

It is no different with the professional __(type of)__ advice that __(I/we)__ provide you with here at __(Name of Organization)__. __(I/We)__ simply cannot express enough to you that __(type of function)__ is not an option; it is imperative to __(the success of your business/your good health/etc.)__. It is not sound judgment just to __(briefly describe what the client/patient does instead)__. All that serves to do is to initiate __(potential tax audits/failing health conditions/fines/equipment breakdowns/etc.)__.

Therefore, I implore you to start taking __(type of function/advice)__ seriously. Let me assure you that the consequences otherwise could and will be dire to __(your well-being/the well being of your company/etc.)__. I hope that this helps you to more fully understand the importance of __(type of function)__ as we move forward.


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