Remind Customer to Contact Account Manager

Dear …

I wanted to send you this note of appreciation for choosing __(Name of Organization)__ for your __(type of needs)__. You are a valued __(client/customer)__ and it is, indeed, my pleasure to be your account manager.

Taking care of my __(client’s/customer’s)__ needs is my full time occupation here. As a seasoned __(type of position)__, I fully understand the complexity of __(type of services/products)__, which is why it is important for me to build a solid relationship with each of my __(client’s/customers)__. Getting to know your needs and goals and understanding your challenges is all key to the success of __(briefly describe the end goal for your customers: i.e. building a winning portfolio)__.

It is so important that we strive for continuity in our business relationship, and to that end, I ask that you to contact me, __(Account Mgr Name)__, directly at __(phone number)__ for all your __(type of)__ needs. I’m always here for you and am more than happy to answer any of your questions.

Again, thank you for choosing __(Name of Organization)__ for your __(type of)__ needs. I genuinely look forward to our next conversation.


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