Welcome Staff Back to Work in the New Year

To All Staff:

I want to take this opportunity to welcome you all back to work, wishing everyone a Happy New Year. We have an exciting year ahead of us and we’re pleased to have each one of you participating in it.

Our corporate mission is to __(briefly describe corporate mission)__. There are many components that must work smoothly within our company in order to accomplish that goal and we believe that we are already doing many things right, as attested by our past successes. Yet, as most of you know those successes do not all come easily. Many challenges present themselves to us along the way; some of them very difficult to deal with. Yet, through the positive attitude and perseverance of our staff, we’ve managed to overcome each one so far. You do make us proud!

And now, as we propel forward in the New Year, aware that there are always new challenges that lie ahead of us, we remain confident in the knowledge that our employees are willing to meet these challenges head on. It is reassuring to know that we’re all willing to pull together and make the changes necessary to ensure our continued success. And in keeping with that, I am pleased to announce the following changes that we have now put in place—changes, we believe, that will position us strongly in the upcoming year:

  • __(Briefly describe change #1)__
  • __(Briefly describe change #2)__
  • __(Briefly describe change #3)__

__(Optional: Please join us in __welcoming _(name(s)_ to our company/congratulating _(name(s)_ in his/her/their promotion(s)__ and in wishing him/her/them every success in his/her/their new position(s)__.

Again, welcome back to work everyone! We thank you for your continued enthusiasm and positive work efforts as we look forward to another successful year.


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