Offering Scholarship to School


I am writing this letter to you today to offer a __(Type)__ Scholarship to your __(type of – i.e. twelfth grade)__ students. I know firsthand, the excellence of the __(type of)__ program at __(Name of School)__ as __(optional: both my brother and)__ I graduated from this school __(optional: in year)__.

Sadly, __(Full Name)__, who was very involved in the __(type of)__ program over there, recently passed away. No doubt, __(he/she)__ will be sorely missed. __(Name)__ was a highly motivated __(man/woman)__ who was committed to maintaining very high standards in the __(type of)__ program at __(Name of School)__. __(He/She)__ really understood the importance of __(type of field – i.e. athletics)__ and the difference that it can make in the lives of students. I know personally, that my life was affected positively from participating in __(type of program)__.

I was able to __(briefly describe areas in your life where it made a difference)__ as a result of my involvement in the __(type of program)__. __(Optional: Likewise, my brother’s life was also positively affected in that he…..describe how his life was affected)__. To this day, __(I/we)__ still rely on lessons learned in that program. Therefore, __(I/we)__ want to help make a difference in the lives of others, and as the founder(s) of __(Name of Non-profit Organization)__ ,__(I/we)__ believe __(I/ we)__ can make that happen through a __(type of)__ scholarship program.

__(Name’s)__ contributions to the __(type of)__ program at __(Name of School)__ was nothing short of exceptional and so, in __(his/her)__ honor, __(I/we)__ have set up a __(Type of)__ Scholarship. This scholarship is being offered to the students __(at Name of School/in the State of …./etc.)__. __(Enclosed/Attached)__, you will find information outlining all the details of this scholarship.

__(I/We)__ hope that your students will be just as delighted to receive this scholarship as __(I am/we are)__ to offer it. Please feel free to contact __(me/us)__ if you have any questions. __(I’d/We’d)__ welcome an opportunity to discuss this with you.

Best regards,

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