Day dreaming of my love

My dearest ...

Here again I find myself daydreaming of you, letting my thoughts drift off to re-live the wonderful moments we have shared together. You are a vision of beauty to me. When I see your beautiful smile, I simply melt. When I’m in your arms, my knees grow week. Whenever I gaze into your eyes, I am completely entranced. It’s no wonder that I find myself daydreaming of you so often, for thinking of you brings a happy glow to my world.

My intense desire to hold you and kiss you is so powerful it sends my heart soaring. The flames of love and passion burning inside of me for you grows more powerful each day. Words cannot describe the depths of emotion I feel for you. I love you beyond compare.

When we are apart, I treasure my daydreams of you like precious gems. When we are together, nothing else in the world exists but you. You live in my heart and in my soul and there you will stay forever.

Loving you always,

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