Invitation to New Employees – Orientation

To New Employees;

RE: __(Type of)__ __(Overview/Seminar/Orientation)__

Please accept this invitation to attend a __(type of)__ __(overview/seminar/etc.)__ on __(date)__. This is an informative __(overview/seminar/etc.)__, where the __(type of – i.e. compensation)__ structure of our organization will be clearly outlined. It is important to know how it relates to you as an employee and all questions from employees on this issue will be answered in the question period following the __(overview/seminar/etc.)__.

Please mark your calendars so that you don’t forget to attend this __(overview/seminar/etc.)__ on:




We encourage all __(new)__ employees to make a special effort to attend this important and informative __(overview/seminar/etc.)__.

Yours truly,

Offer of Employment - Commission Sales Position Dear …

I am very pleased that you have chosen to accept our employment offer for a Commission Sales position with __(name of company)__. We are looking forward to this mutually beneficial association. Below, please find a detailed recap our discussions as it relates to this position.

1. Office Location: You will operate out of __(name of city office/your home )__utilizing your __(home/cell)__ phone as the contact phone number for prospective clients.

2. Sales Territory currently assigned to you: __(describe territory)__. We understand that our sales personnel will have prospective clients that fall into their sphere of influence, such friends/families/associates, located in other territories. In these cases, you may approach these people for sales, but we encourage you to discuss these prospects with the existing sales person of that respective territory to avoid conflicts.

3. Sales Protocol & Etiquette: __(briefly describe how you wish your company presented…the Do’s and Don’ts)__

4. Base Salary – you will be given a base salary of__($amount)__ per __(week/month)__ that will be __(deducted from commissions earned/over and above commissions earned/etc.)__.

5. Commissions breakdown: __(briefly describe commissions breakdown and minimum quota requirements, if any)__

6. Expenses: Business cards will be provided to you at the expense of __(company)__, however, all other expenses related to obtaining new business clients, including but not limited to vehicle expenses, telephone/cell phone expenses, office expense and entertainment/promotion expenses.

7. Reports: You will be required to provide an updated Sales Prospect Report on a weekly basis. This report form is to be updated at the end of each week, prior to the start of the new week.

8. Non-Competition Contract: Upon acceptance of this employment offer, you are required to sign the attached Non-Solicitation, Non-Competition, Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Please confirm your acceptance or declination of this offer by signing and returning the duplicate copy of this letter and the attached Non-Solicitation, Non-Competition, Non-Disclosure Agreement by __(date)__. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you as a member of the __(name of company)__ team and wish you every success in your career with us.

Yours truly,


_________________________ _________________ _______________

Employee Signature Today’s Date Start Date

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