Request Additional Staffing

Dear …

RE: Additional Staffing Request

Our __(type of division)__ has now been operational for __(# months/years)__ now and after a thorough review of the operation recently, __(I/we)__ have surmised that it is time to address our staffing issue.

Over the past __(#)__ years, we have seen __(%)__ in __(sales/productivity/etc)__ growth __(at this location/in this division/etc)__. Our staffing number, however, has only increased by __(%)__, thereby allowing us to see larger profits. __(I/We)__ have managed to keep up with all the tasks here, while keep our staffing requirements down, through considerable cross-training amongst our existing employees.

It has, however, now reached a point where our staffing resources are stretched to the limit. Though we currently are still able to maintain a __(high level of customer service/high productivity/etc)__ in the __(type)__ area, we have found that we no longer have the staffing resources to fulfill our __(type of function – example: janitorial)__ requirements. As a result, the __(type of function)__ is no longer being completed.

This function, though at first glance may appear low in priority, has a definite impact on our __(briefly describe the main reason it is important)__. Therefore, __(I am/we are)__ requesting approval from you to __(hire/contract)__ a __(type of person)__ to fill this role. For an additional overhead cost of __($amount)__ per __(month/year)__, this will ensure that we do not experience an interruption to our operation due to a __(type of situation)__ possibility.

Thank you for your consideration of this request. __(I/we)__ look forward to hearing from you soon and remain hopeful of your decision.

Respectfully yours,

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