I will wait for Us

My darling ...

As I sit here thinking of you, I hurt and the pain is so immense. Knowing the strong love we have for one another, yet not being able to share it for fear of hurting others in our lives. It hurts deeply that we must deny ourselves from following our hearts and sharing the true essence of love and happiness.

I cannot force you to take the next step. You must follow your own heart. Only when you are ready, can you free yourself without guilt. Oh how great that moment will be when we can finally be together. It’s then that you will begin to feel the completeness and happiness that can only come with sharing true and pure love.

When you are ready, you will know how to let go. I love you my darling and until we are able to share our love together, I will be here...waiting for you, loving you with all my heart.

Yours always,

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