Web Hosting Services Introduction

Dear …

Website Hosting that is both affordable and reliable. Is that of interest to you?

__(Name of Company)__ provides the best overall value for your managed hosting. We specialize in web hosting and support offering either shared hosting or dedicated __(Linux/NT/Windows/etc.)__ servers. All managed servers come complete with a range of free services such as __(# Email Accounts/Weekly Backup Services/Web Stats/etc.)__

At __(Name of Company)__, we realize that there is much more to web hosting than disk space and bandwidth. We know that it is all about people and fulfilling their needs. You can rest assured that you are getting the best overall web hosting value from __(Name of Company)__ - supported by the best, most experienced people in the industry.

We go to great lengths to ensure our clients receive first rate service at affordable prices. Outlined below is what we offer to our customers:

  1. __(List service #1 – i.e. No Set-up Fees) __ – __(give brief explanation – example: Unlike most other hosting companies, we do not charge you a set-up fee when you sign up for a hosting account with us.)__.
  2. __(List service #2 – i.e. 100Gig Bandwidth) __ – __(give brief explanation)__.
  3. __(List service #3 – i.e. Email Services) __ – __(give brief explanation)__.
  4. __(List service #4 – i.e. Domain Name Registration) __ – __( give brief explanation)__.
  5. __(List service #5 – i.e. Customizable Hardware Configurations) __ – __(give brief explanation)__.

We are so confident that you will rate our web hosting second to none, that we are offering a no obligation, one-month free trial. That’s right, you will receive a full month of hosting with us for free. This allows you to see for yourself the great value we offer.

So contact us today at __(email address/phone #/etc.)__ to see how you can take advantage of this time limited introductory offer plus our free consultation on your hosting requirements.


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Web Hosting Services Introduction

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