Laboratory Services Introduction

Dear …

Frustrated by the cost of delays in your __(type of production)__ production? Would you like to speed up your production?

Then read on …

We have a dedicated team of scientists working full time to solve the types of concerns and issues that manufacturers of __(type of devices - i.e. medical)__devices often face. __(Name of Organization)__ is a leading company that performs __(type of services)__ services. Our team of experts work with you to find the right solutions for dilemmas that you may encounter during the product development stage or the actual production stage of __(type of devices)__devices.

Delays cost money and our team is trained to help you with your most difficult __(type of concerns)__ concerns, quickly and accurately. Our services are offered on a contractual basis to both regulated and non-regulated industries. With our system built around ISO regulations, we offer a quick turn around time so that your production is not held up with lengthy and needless delays.

We are flexible to your needs and can offer off-premises or in-house services. Areas of our expertise include:

  1. __(List service #1) __ – __(here give an explanation of how this will benefit the client)__.
  2. __(List service #2) __ – __(here give an explanation of how this will benefit the client)__.
  3. __(List service #3) __ – __(here give an explanation of how this will benefit the client)__.
  4. __(List service #4 - i.e. Quick Turn around ) __ – __(here give an explanation of how this will benefit the client – i.e. The development and production of your __(type)__devices no longer needs to be held up due to __(type of concerns)__. The quick solutions we provide allows you to move ahead expediently with production, thereby saving you those needless delay costs.)__.

We urge you to consider taking advantage of this exceptional service. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We are here to help in any way we can and I would welcome an opportunity to discuss with you how our services can uniquely benefit your company. Please fell free to contact me direct at __(phone #)__. I am excited about what __(name of Organization)__ can do for you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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