Mortgage Broker Introduction

Dear …

Are you in the market for a new mortgage or are

you renewing your existing mortgage?

Stop! Don’t sign that dotted line just yet!

Before you sign the dotted line…let me ask you…

Are you getting the best possible terms with that mortgage?

You deserve to pay the lowest interest rate when it comes to your mortgage, with terms that suit your needs the best. __(I/name of organization)__ can help to ensure that you are getting the best possible mortgage terms available. Because of __(my/our)__ __(briefly describe what your advantage is)__, __(I/we)__ __(am/are)__ able to find __(the best financing your home/you the best terms – rates/etc)__ with a solid reputable lender. You don’t even have to lift a finger. __(I/We) do all the leg work for you when it comes to shopping around for your mortgage financing.

__(I/name of Organization)__ __(am/is)__ committed to meeting your needs. First rate service is all that __(I/we)__ offer to __(my/our)__ customers. With __(#)__ years of __(type of expertise)__ expertise behind __(me/us)__, you can count on __(me/us)__ to find the right mortgage for you; one that offers the terms that suits your needs perfectly. __(My/our)__ specialty is finding you the lowest interest rates with the best mortgage terms available.

__(I/We)__ would welcome the opportunity to discuss your mortgage requirements with you. Please feel free to contact __(me/us)__ anytime at __(phone #)__.


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