Cooperative Advertising

Dear …

My name is __(your name) __ and I have been operating my __(type of business)__ right here in __(name of city)__ since __(year)__.

Just recently, I was thinking of different ways that I can market my business to attract more customers and I came up with an idea, that although may sound a little unusual to you, I am asking you to seriously consider. It will not cost you any money nor will it take any of your time and in the end, everybody wins.

This is how it would work...

I am prepared to offer a free __(name of free gift)__ to each one of your new customers, on your behalf. I will provide you with coupons to claim this free __(name of free gift)__ that you can enclose with your letters of “thank you” to your new customers. Because the “thank you” letter comes from you, the free gift becomes a token of your appreciation for your customers’ business and they will appreciate the sentiment.

I am even prepared to draft the letter for you, with your contribution of course, and pay for all the postage and printing involved. There are no strings attached and your clients will be under no obligation to ever use my __(products/services)__. I just figured this would make an excellent gift that you can give away to your customers, rewarding them for their business, and a way for me to bring more people to my (office/store/practice).

If this sounds like a good idea (and it really is), please give me a call at __(phone #)__ and I will explain everything to you in detail. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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Cooperative Advertising

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