Communication Between Two Negotiating Parties

Dear …

RE: __(Subject)__

Because I sit on the front lines of __(type of business)__ and see the daily __(operations/type of needs/etc.)__, I know firsthand how important __(briefly describe)__ is. I don’t know if I am overstepping my boundaries by sending this letter today, but I feel such a sense of urgency to help try to reconnect the communication lines with regards to __(type of situation)__. Otherwise, we all stand to lose.

The way I see the current situation is as follows:

- __(Briefly highlight point one – i.e. The type of lease expires on date)__

- __(Briefly highlight point two – i.e. Name of Company cannot operate type of business if this lease is not renewed)__

- __(Briefly highlight point three – i.e. If an agreement on the lease renewal is not reached by date, the renewal option of the lease will be forfeited entirely)__

- __(Briefly highlight point four – i.e. As of date, an agreement has not been reached)__

- __(Briefly highlight point five)__

- __(Briefly highlight point six)__

For the sake of __(briefly describe who and/or what)__, I implore you all to come back to the negotiation table quickly to try to reach some kind of agreement, if only in principal. __(I/Name of Company/etc.)__ would only be too happy to host such a meeting, for we all know that if __(Names of all parties involved)__ are not willing to do this, then __(briefly describe what will happen)__. And sadly, that would negatively affect our whole __(community/etc.)__ because __(briefly describe the result)__.

As I’m sure you would all concur, it would be a shame to see this fall apart now. Therefore, I am __(suggesting a meeting between Names of Parties no later than date/offering a venue for a meeting with Names of Parties at: Location, date, time and ask that you please contact me at ph# to confirm your attendance)/etc.)__

Thank you making this matter a priority. __(We all/The entire community of _____/etc.)__ appreciate(s) it.

Respectfully yours,

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Communication Between Two Negotiating Parties

Dear …

RE: __(Subject)__

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