Encouraging a Building Contractor to move to town


On behalf of the __(residents/citizens)__ of __(Name of Town/Community)__, please allow me to take this opportunity to let you know just know how well received the news was of your interest in coming to our __(town/community)__.

As you may know, __(Name of Town/Community.)__ is a __(town/city/community)__ that provides its __(residents/citizens)__ with a __(briefly describe style of living offered by your community – example: peaceful/neighborly/safe/etc.)__ lifestyle. We are down-to-earth people who take pride in our community, having successfully built our lives here for many years. It seems each street corner, building, and playground holds it own special memories.

Though life in __(Name of Town/Community)__ is most pleasant, we are facing a challenge that has been plaguing us for some time now. As the years go by, we are seeing our homes and buildings deteriorating with age. Regrettably, we have not had a building contractor in this community, to offer restoration and new buildings, for a considerable length of time now. Construction of new homes seems to have become a particular priority for the citizens of __(Name of Town/Community)__ of late. That is why we were so delighted to hear that you may be moving into this __(town/community)__ and offering your ‘new home construction’ services.

I cannot express to you enough, how welcomed you would be here, __(Name)__. Your business would be hugely supported and we would all be honored to have you and your family become members of this community. I am certain that you will all quite enjoy the lifestyle that __(Name of Town/Community)__ has to offer. For your perusal, please find enclosed some demographic documentation.

We all encourage you to continue your serious consideration of moving into __(Name of Town/Community)__ and remain hopeful of such a favorable decision.


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