Welcome Students & Parents to new School Term

Dear …

The time is fast approaching when another school term will be upon us. There are some exciting things that we have been working on at __(Name of School)__ and we are more than ready for the new school year to begin. Please allow me to share with you some of the good things coming up.

__(Name of School/Program)__ will be introducing some __(revised/new)__ programs this term that we are all very excited about. Listed below, are some brief details to give you a little insight into what we are introducing to our curriculum:

  1. Our __(revised/new)__ __(name of program)__, who will be taught by __(name of teacher(s)__, will offer our students the ability to __(briefly explain how they will be participating in this program)__. We believe student participation in this way will be very encouraging them. In all likelihood, we anticipate that they will be looking forward to their __(topic)__ class every day.
  2. The __(revised/new)__ __(name of program)__, being taught by __(name of teacher(s)__, will take our students to new heights. Because of the new __(type of teaching methods/topics)__ we will be introducing, students will not only learn the core fundamentals of __(topic)__ but also __(briefly explain what else they will learn - i.e. how to apply these principles to:__)__.

The ultimate goal we have for __(name of school)__, is to create an environment that is conducive to student learning through participation. We endeavor to make it interesting and fun for the students and in return, those students are able to retain the course material easier. All of our students, right from grades __(#)__ to __(#)__, are able to benefit from this methodology of teaching. It makes learning enjoyable. Please find attached a schedule of the curriculum and contact numbers if you have any questions or concerns.

On behalf of all the staff at__(name of school)__, please allow me to extend a warm welcome to all our new students and returning students alike and their parents. This is a school term that is going to be nothing short of outstanding and we are all anxious to get started. We are looking forward to seeing all of you real soon!


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