Thanks for Evaluation of our Organization

Dear ...

Please allow me to express our gratitude to you for considering __(Name of Organization)__ for your __(name of project)__ project. The time taken by your executives to come out for a visit to evaluate our facility is greatly appreciated. We genuinely that hope that all met with their satisfaction.

At this time, I would like to take the opportunity to reiterate to you that __(Name of organization)__ goes to great lengths to ensure that the service and product quality we provide, is nothing short of excellent. The business relationship that we currently have with your organization hopefully attests to this. Though our team may be small in size, we are all hugely committed to providing a level of service that will easily meet the __(ISO/the type of/etc.)__ standards set by your organization.

I have complete confidence in our entire team at __(Name of our organization)__, knowing that each one of them is committed to meeting the obligations to our customers. That, combined with the __(#)__ years experience__(that I personally have/that our president has/etc.)__ in this industry, has me saying with confidence, that we really are well prepared for a project of this __(magnitude/size/etc.)__.

Again, thank you for the effort you have made by traveling such a distance to evaluate our organization in consideration of your __(name of project)__ project. We hope that our facility, and the overall assessment of our organization, has met with your approval and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly,

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