Don’t be afraid - Take a chance

My dearest ...

I can’t ever remember being so happy. There is nothing more I want in my life than to be with you. I love you with all my heart.

I know of the fears that torment you; the fears of being hurt again. I know in the past you took a chance and ended up getting hurt. Many have been down that road. But believe me, when you finally find that special person, all the hurting and the suffering of the past will mean nothing compared to what you have found. Sometimes we just have to follow our feelings and go for it, without the safety net of guarantees.

At least you won’t end up wondering if that opportunity you gave up could have been the one you’ve been waiting for. If we aren’t meant for each other, we’ll still always have those precious moments we shared with each other and hopefully we’ll end up being good friends. Don’t allow yourself to forever regret letting the opportunity of love slip through your fingers.

We are all afraid to open our hearts, to let somebody peek at our most intimate feelings, allowing them to have more opportunity to hurt us. It’s the risk we all take in order to find that one special person we are looking for. Open your heart; don’t be afraid. I am offering you my heart. Take just may take you to the place of true love.

Yours always,

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