English as 2nd Language

Dear …

RE: Teaching Position - English as Second Language

During the past few years I have traveled extensively and have developed a passion for meeting new people and engaging in conversation about their culture and experiences. It is through this passion that I have decided to pursue a career in Teaching English as a Second Language. I feel that the students I encounter in this profession satisfy my quest for knowledge in these areas and contribute highly to my job satisfaction.

During my academic career and travels I have learned to fluently speak and write in the following languages:

__(name of language #1)__

__(name of language #2)__

__(name of language #3)__

I feel that these language achievements will enhance my ability to explain lessons and give direction in class. I have also been exposed to many different cultures and communication styles which will help with communication in the classroom.

I believe that my education, as outlined in my enclosed resume, combined with my passion for teaching will make me an excellent candidate for a teaching position in your organization. I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you to discuss potential employment. Please feel free to contact me at __(phone #) __ at anytime to set up a meeting.


__(your name )__

Enclosure: Résumé

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