Online Dating - Won’t be Traveling to Meet You


I’ve often wondered how the scene would play out—the one where you and I finally meet in person. How would it be? Would our positive feelings for each other intensify even further or would we be disappointed to find out that we’re not really a good match? I’ve run through that scenario in my mind a few times now and I must say I far prefer the “feelings intensifying” scene.

We seem to have such great chemistry together so far through our emails and phone calls, don’t we? I really believe these feelings we share are genuine. When I think of us meeting for the first time, I start daydreaming, wondering if your smile will be the way I have dreamed it would be. Will your touch, your kiss be as sweet as it is in my dreams? Oh, so many times I have thought of that moment we meet.

Yet, I am presently troubled about the arrangements we’ve recently been talking about. As much as I long to meet you in person, __(Name)__, I am so very nervous about flying out there to meet you. To be honest with you, I’m just not comfortable with traveling alone to a place I’ve never been before, where I don’t have any family or friends nearby. It’s true that I feel I’ve known you for a long time through all our correspondence and phone calls, but really, __(Name)__, I don’t know you. And so, I believe I would be putting myself in a rather vulnerable position by making this trip.

Some of my friends and family have indicated that they too are uncomfortable with me traveling out there on my own. So, after long consideration about this, and with my sincerest regrets, I have to let you know that I must decline your __(generous offer to cover the cost of my flight to/invitation to visit you in/etc.)__ __(location)__. I hope you can understand why I will not be making the trip at this time and ask you to accept my heartfelt apologies if you find this news really disappointing. I myself am disappointed—I was really getting excited about the idea of meeting you.

Perhaps somehow, someday soon there will be another opportunity for us to get together. I choose to remain hopeful of that and in the meantime, I will continue to visit you in my dreams.

Yours still waiting,

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