Resume Cover Letter - Requesting Promotion

Dear …

I have been performing the duties of __(name of position)__ with __(Name of Organization)__ for __(length of time)__ now and have found my work very rewarding so far. __(Name of Organization)__ is an organization that has always treated me fairly and I am proud to be associated with __(it/them)__. It’s time now, however, for me to take on new challenges within the organization. After taking some time to reflect on my past experience, training and accomplishments, I believe that I now have the qualifications for promotion. I genuinely feel that I have what it takes to become a successful __(type of position)__ in __(name of area/unit/etc.)__ and would greatly appreciate if you would consider me for promotion to this.

For your perusal, I’ve enclosed a resume outlining my credentials. Highlighted below, are some key accomplishments that you will find in my resume:

  1. Example: Briefly state how you took the lead in a project/investigation/etc. and saw it to a successful end.
  2. Example: List the training you have completed, stating that you finished at top of your class if that is the case.
  3. List other significant accomplishment.
  4. List other significant accomplishment

My dedication to __(type of field/this organization)__ I believe is apparent in my conduct as a __(type of position)__, which is evidenced in my past performance assessments. I am and will remain committed to __(briefly describe what you are committed to: i.e. law enforcement)__. It is my wish to continue __(briefly describe what your job accomplishes - i.e. protecting this community against crime)__ and representing __(Name of Organization)__ well.

Thank you for your consideration of my request for this promotion. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Respectfully yours,

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