Request New Quote from last year’s Auditor

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Request Quotation for Auditing Services

The time of year for our annual audit is drawing near. In the past, we have utilized the auditing services of __(Name of firm)__, and as such, have confidence that your organization is very capable of completing this task well. Therefore, we have selected __(Name of firm)__ as one of those firms we wish to receive a quotation from for this year’s auditing services.

It is our fiduciary responsibility to be prudent about hiring an auditing firm, ensuring that we are paying a fair price for the services rendered and making certain that there will be no surprises with the fees charged. We endeavor to have our annual auditing process conducted professionally in all ways. In keeping with that, we look forward to hearing from you no later than __(date)__ with your quote for this year’s auditing service. If we do not receive a reply from you by that date, it will indicate to us one of two things: Either 1) You do not wish to take on our annual audit project this year, or 2) If you are awarded the auditing project, your fees for the service will be identical to what was charged to us last year. I want to thank you in advance for responding to this letter. If you have any questions regarding our auditing process this year, please feel free to contact me at __(phone #)__.

Yours truly,