I’m sorry for what I wrote - Can we try again?

Love Letter

Dear …

I have been thinking about everything, about all the inappropriate things written in some of the last few __(emails/letters/etc)__ between us and I do really feel bad about some of those things. When I wrote, "__ (insert the quote from your letter/message) __, please know that it was written in the heat of emotion and I feel bad that I ever said it. I have been thinking about it ever since, and I am so sorry I wrote it.

It’s no wonder you were scared you off, with how strongly I came across. I had never been involved in a situation like that before and it’s obvious that I didn’t handle it well. It makes me feel ashamed of myself. You’ve been on my mind constantly ever since and I just had to apologize to you. Will you forgive me, __(Name)__?

Everything happens for a reason in life and I really believe that I needed this time away from you to think things through. I’ve taken this time we’ve been apart, to look at some of the things that cause my fear and anxiety and work through it. What I realized, is that you are all I can think of and my life is empty without you. Something had to change for our relationship to work, and I knew it had to be me.

I love you so much, __ (Name) __; I really miss our friendship too. We’ve had so many good times together and I feel such a loss without you. Above all, being apart from you has made me appreciate how much happiness you really gave to my life

There have been some serious changes in the way I look at things now, knowing what is most important. This will inevitably have an impact on the way I deal with things that come up from now on, and I believe I’m now ready to offer our relationship the kind of care and support that it deserves.

I don’t know how you feel about things, but I would really like to give our relationship another try. I can only hope that you feel the same way. Can we try again, __(Name)__?

Thinking of you,